Loudon VA Auto Insurance and Accidents Involving Wildlife

Loudon VA Auto Insurance and Accidents Involving Wildlife

The autumn months are upon us, and this is a time when certain types of incidents involving automobiles, and claims, are more prominent. Motorists should familiarize themselves with some fairly common occurrences this fall in order to avoid some of these common Loudon VA auto insurance claims.


Wild animals are sometimes responsible for physical damage to cars


The number of deer related accidents spike every fall. Animals cause a lot of car accidents every year due to their unpredictable nature, and when they dart out from tall weeds or a nearby forest onto roads and highways they can be difficult to avoid. Most car insurance carriers handle nearly all car accidents involving animals in the same manner.

Comprehensive coverage will protect most motorists involved in a collision with an animal, provided that the damage exceeds any deductible. It’s a good idea to have a police report to show to the insurer as well. Knowing what damage to look for and how to handle an animal damage car insurance claim can save both time and money.

Deer are easily the most common animals hit on U.S. roadways and deer auto accident statistics are staggering. The only thing a motorist can control is their own reaction to suddenly seeing a deer on the road a few feet from their car. Unfortunately, deer are large enough to do serious damage to a car and sometimes can even cause injury to the driver and passengers, depending on the vehicle’s speed and the type of vehicle.

Swerving to miss a deer is a natural reaction, but it takes focus to consider all the repercussions of swerving. While a deer can cause quite a bit of damage to a vehicle, the potential for major damage is much greater if a car plows into a tree. The best course of action is to decelerate and keep a straight course to reduce damage.

Loudon VA auto insurance is great for these types of claims. Remember that a police report will verify information about the accident to the insurance claim adjuster, and while some insurance carriers do not require a police report, it’s always a good idea to check with an agent to get verification of this.


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