Luxury and Peace of Mind with California Yacht Insurance

Cruising global waters in your private yacht is a status symbol among the famous and mega wealthy. Today’s yachts have more lavish amenities and gadgets than the most exclusive hotels in the world, and protecting your significant investment is crucial. Defend your superior watercraft with exceptional California yacht insurance.

Inclusive and Affordable Coverage Options

The coverage you select for your yacht is based on several factors. For instance, larger limits for high-value electronics, hot tubs, and personal effects are essential when valuing the vessel. Also, if you employ a captain and crew full-time, you may need to obtain commercial marine insurance. Other factors that determine California yacht insurance costs include:

  • Oil pollution liability
  • Windstorm coverage
  • Protection and indemnity
  • Uninsured boater coverage
  • Emergency towing assistance
  • Hull and equipment protection

Competitively valued and extensive yacht coverage with top-rated insurers can provide you with quality claims service. These and other factors are used to help determine the amount of insurance coverage for your yacht.

Creative Solutions

Your vessel is a luxury, and innovative insurance solutions help you stay in sync with your exciting lifestyle. California yacht insurance provides comprehensive basic coverage along with personalized enhancements to meet your specific needs. When you take to the water, protect your investment and your guests with the very best insurance.