Making Use of Social Media for Insurance Agents

Making Use of Social Media for Insurance Agents

Social Media for insurance agents is a no brainer. After all, the growing popularity of social networking is undeniable. Because practically everyone is active in social media, using Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites on a daily basis, it has attracted the attention of agencies, brokers, and carriers that believe these platforms are likely to open up new business opportunities.

There is an inherent value in using this medium as an essential tool for communicating to a broader audience, improving customer engagement, lead generation, with the ability to generate immediate customer contact, along with customer service, customer interaction and the building of lasting relationships.

Appealing to an online audience

By now, even some of the most stubborn insurance customers have migrated online and have adopted social networking and have come to rely on the Internet to research and buy insurance products and services. Simply think of social networking as a virtual community where people with common interests gather and connect to share their stories, along with their ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

In order to be successful you have to realize that the business of being an insurance agent or broker relies on building trust. In order to do that you have had to move away from the impersonal way of doing business, through mass mailings, cold calls and email blasts. These tactics worked well enough, but soon had a somewhat negative effect on the independent agent and broker, making it difficult for them to stand out or differentiate themselves, all the while competing in a marketing world that was very contentious.

Social networking was a new window of opportunity, creating fundamental changes in the way people communicate and gather information. For the agent, it’s now all about listening, building a community, engaging in conversations, and being transparent, as well as being engaging and interesting and adding value to their visitors’ experience.

To put it in simple terms, social networking is all about building and strengthening relationships. Social Media for Insurance companies is an important step in your evolution and networking provides agencies and brokers with an opportunity to be an active and trusted participant in an ongoing dialogue. Being a company that people trust and want to interact with is undeniably good for business.