pleasure boat insurance wholesalers

Meeting the Insurance Needs of Boat Builders

Being in a high-risk industry where any minor overlook can have major repercussions, boat builders must do everything they can to protect their assets. Unfortunately, this level of risk and the specific needs of this industry, can make finding coverage difficult as not all insurance providers have the expertise needed to provide coverage in this industry. That’s where pleasure boat insurance wholesalers come in. They have the experience and network necessary to help providers meet the needs of their clients. Here are examples of insurance products that wholesalers can provide.

Property Insurance

You can have insurance coverage for all your property from buildings to the data on your computers. In case of a natural disaster or accident, the policy will cover any repair or replacement costs.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers your business in case a non-employee gets hurt or property is damaged because of your business. This can range from pollution during construction to an accident after a boat has been purchased.

Employee Insurance

Employee insurance covers your business in case an employee gets hurt on the job, whether on land or at sea. In case of an accident, these policies will provide coverage for any legal or medical costs.

Having the right insurance is vital to the long-term success of any business. Unfortunately, not all providers have the expertise to provide the necessary coverage. In these instances, pleasure boat insurance wholesalers can help to bridge the gap.