valet insurance

Minimizing the Risks of Providing a Coveted Service

Helping your customers obtain the feeling of being rich can boosts their loyalty to your hospitality or service business. One tried and true way of attempting to give customers that sense of luxury is to provide valet parking. There is something about pulling up to the front entrance and tossing the car keys to an attendant that people seem to innately enjoy. However, if you are a business owner who is considering providing this service, you may want to be aware of and avoid a few possible pitfalls. Hiring responsible drivers who have adequate experience behind the wheel can go a long way toward preventing problems. Even the best driver can have an accident, so purchasing the best valet insurance you can afford is probably a wise move.

Most people love their cars, and many are willing to spend top dollar to drive a luxury model. When a valet in your employee takes the keys from a customer and gets in the driver seat, you become responsible for what happens to that vehicle until its owner takes back possession. It is typically a good idea to not only hire the best drivers that you can find, but you should also normally provide them with comprehensive training on operating vehicles in the high-stress environment of valet parking. By taking these steps and carrying good valet insurance, you will most likely reduce the risks involved with providing this high-end service for your valued customers.