Florida wind insurance companies

What New Floridians Should Know About Wind Insurance

If you have recently moved to the Sunshine State, you may have noticed that the weather is unique in Florida. While there are certainly a lot of sunny days, Florida residents also experience hurricanes and other windstorms. That’s why it’s vital for citizens to research Florida wind insurance companies and choose the right policy.

The first thing you might notice in your research is that Florida requires homeowner’s insurance to cover some wind damage. What you may not see is that this coverage is often inadequate and leave homeowners up a creek without a paddle. To adequately protect your home and belongings, it’s important to add a separate windstorm policy to your insurance portfolio.

Some Floridians think they are safe enough if they have wind insurance during hurricane season but live without it when the weather is typically nicer. However, great Florida wind insurance companies can try to keep you from falling into this trap.

Although most wind storms do occur during peak hurricane season, wind damage can happen any time of the year. Florida is known for being a bit unpredictable in its weather, and massive storms can sneak up all year around. Keeping your coverage all year round can help you stay protected no matter what the wild weather throws your way. A separate wind policy can help you sleep tight knowing your home or business is protected.