insurance services of new england

Often Missed Personal Insurance Policies for Your Family

When looking for insurance services of New England, look for a company that has the insurance products your family needs. To assess your insurance needs, speak with an insurance agent and think beyond standard coverage for home and auto.

Recreational Vehicles

If your family owns a yacht, boat, RV, ATV or other nonstandard vehicle, you still need to insure them with the right coverage. Additional coverage may be needed if people other than you and your spouse plan to operate the vehicle. Before renting out your RV or boat, you should see if your current policy covers rentals.

Personal Umbrella

For families with higher than $1 million in net worth, a personal umbrella insurance policy helps protect your financial assets if you are ever sued. These policies help cover defense costs and damages beyond what your other insurance policies cover such as auto or home.

Personal Article

Insuring your high-value personal items such as heirloom jewelry, fine art and collectibles needs an additional policy to your homeowner’s insurance. High-dollar items may not be covered under a standard homeowners policy.

Protecting your family is important. With the right insurance services of New England, you can get all the insurance protection your family needs in the event of an accident or lawsuit. Sometimes you need to think beyond standard policies to be fully protected.