Oh, the Things That Can Happen in Your Shop

The simplest business practices these days can be twisted by unscrupulous or merely careless characters, leaving operations and consumers alike in distress and driving up rates for Connecticut auto dealing insurance. A prime example is the practice of handing over one’s keys to an attendant at a body shop or auto repair operation. A customer drives up…hands his or her keys to a perfect stranger…then disappears inside a building. Presumably the person actually works there, but a recent news story highlighted a local dealership that was sued when a person was discovered impersonating a car drop-off attendant. The man stood there calmly while a customer handed him the keys to a brand-new BMW, then drove away—out of the auto repair parking lot and away, never to be seen again.

And then there was the repair shop whose employees were straight out of a 1980s John Hughes movie. The workers were supposed to be test-driving a car to ensure the brake job had been performed correctly, yet the men drove up the coast to the beach, putting more than 100 miles on the antique vehicle. To make matters worse, they got into a car accident on the way back to the shop. Yet another shop was in the news when a consumer team exposed a scam where employees were stealing credit card information from invoices and racking up tens of thousands in stolen funds.

Fortunately, a professional insurance agent can provide access to a variety of coverages (such as general liability, garagekeeper’s liability, employee dishonesty, workers compensation, and more) that can offer comprehensive protection in the event of accidents, injuries, theft, or general idiocy that occur. All it takes is one serious incident to put your shop out of business, so talk to a professional insurer about Connecticut auto dealing insurance and what kind of coverage makes sense to protect your operation from the risks that abound.