Limousine Compliance New Jersey

About Operating Compliance for Limousines in New Jersey – Insurance Helps

The limousine industry in New Jersey has some strict guidelines by which it must operate in order to avoid fines due to violations of state laws. No company or individual may legally operate this type of car-for-hire service without a New Jersey limousines insurance policy in place, and as an owner/operator you must show proof of compliance with any and all rules and regulations in order to remain operable.

Prior to the operation of a limousine on the highways of this state for the purpose of picking up passengers, the driver of the limousine shall conduct a general examination of the condition of the vehicle to ascertain its fitness to operate, which shall include:

• An examination of the tires, windshield wipers, horn, condition of the front and rear windshield and side windows

• Front and rear lights

• Fluid levels and brakes, as well as

• The condition of the two-way communications system

The completion of a checklist by the driver containing, at a minimum, the items enumerated here, and the date and time of the examination, and supplied by the owner of the limousine service, shall constitute proof of compliance.

In addition all vehicles must have an operable fire extinguisher and a license showing the name of the insurance company, the number and date of expiration of the policy, a description of every limousine insured there under, and the registration number of the same. There are many other provisions that should be understood and followed to the letter before engaging in this line of work.

Ways to lower your Limousine Insurance rates in New Jersey

1. Install in-vehicle video camera systems that will aid tremendously in loss prevention

2. Implement drug- and alcohol-testing programs at your place of business in order to reduce accidents

3. Implement a driver-training program that includes safety procedures such as defensive driving, night driving and seasonal driving

These are long-term solutions that work to reduce losses and associated costs, and can in turn lower the costs of New Jersey limousines insurance.