Insurance Email Marketing

Optimize Your Insurance Business’s Emails

When insurance businesses used to only send out paper advertisements through the mail, they needed to make sure that these advertisements were well designed so as to catch people’s attention and not immediately end up in the trash. Now, with just a click of a button, email advertisements are under the same risk. However, insurance email marketing is much more versatile than traditional mail marketing campaigns, reaching more people and offering immediate help and communication. Here are a few tips to keep your emails from ending up in the trash.

Use Good Subject Lines

You want to make sure someone first clicks your email to read it, and if the subject line is confusing or not enticing, that can immediately get it sent to the trash. Keep things clear, offer help, and give the reader an incentive through the title if possible.

Make the Email Look Interesting

An email appearing as something that has been seen many times over can be quickly trashed by someone trying to just make it through their emails. As with any advertisement, yours needs to stand out as unique to catch people’s attention.

Be Personal

Similarly linked to the previous tip, try to find a way to make your emails unique by tailoring them to the specific person receiving it. This can be done through automated messages without sounding too robotic. Try to be as relevant as possible with your emails, including a call to action that isn’t generic.