Tennessee car insurance

Penalties for Not Having Car Insurance in Tennessee

As with most states, Tennessee requires its residents to carry a minimum amount of car insurance. Not carrying Tennessee car insurance opens you up to severe penalties. Before you decide to take the risk of driving uninsured, it is a good idea to clearly understand what could happen to you if you get caught.

Financial Penalties

Driving without car insurance will definitely hit you where it hurts—the wallet. Violating this legal requirement is a misdemeanor that carries a fine ranging from $100 to $300. You may also have to pay a $300 reinstatement fee.

Losing Your Car

If you choose to not secure insurance, be aware that you will likely lose your vehicle or at least the legal option to drive it. The state allows law enforcement to tow the vehicle of any driver who does not have insurance coverage. This, by the way, only adds more to the financial penalties because you will have to pay to get it out of impound. In addition, the state may take your license plates, requiring the reinstatement fee mentioned above to get them back.

No Cheating the System

You may think that driving carefully and avoiding getting pulled over will keep you safe if you don’t have insurance. That is not true, though. The state is creating a program that will help to find uninsured drivers based on vehicle registrations. So, even if you never drive, you could end up facing penalties for not having Tennessee car insurance.