insurance for final expenses

Plan Your Funeral While You Are Living

Planning is a big part of life, and it should also be a part of death. The person who dies without a plan could leave a large amount of bills for other people to pay. To prevent this unhappy scenario, you can buy insurance for final expenses. The payout should be large enough to cover all burial expenses or cremation, as well as funeral costs, embalming, a coffin and other fees. This type of policy is typically a whole life policy, though term life policies are also available.

You can determine the coverage amount based on what you estimate your needs will be. Most funerals now cost $10,000 or more and there could be medical bills and other expenses to pay off. The best policy covers all of your remaining expenses so friends or relatives are not faced with any large bills. Because the payout is not normally a huge amount the premiums for this coverage are usually affordable.

The beneficiary of a burial policy typically has the latitude to use the money in the way he or she sees fit. Insurance for final expenses helps families focus on dealing with grief instead of worrying about how to pay for a variety of expenses. It makes your final gesture to the world a generous one.