Precautionary Safety Measures

Precautionary Safety Measures All Marinas Should Adhere To

Operating a marina has always involved a number of intense risks. The nature of the industry means that business owners should always expect the unexpected. Unfortunately, 2020 has proven that even the most unexpected events are still entirely possible. With the spread of the novel coronavirus, marina owners everywhere have been looking to take extra steps to keep clients, crew, and passersby safe from harm. If you operate a marina, now is the time to look over what steps you should be taking.

Follow These Safety Steps

Experts of the industry recommend a number of marina safety measures be followed to reduce risks. For one, decontamination should be a top priority. Some ships are designated for transporting cargo, others carry passengers, but both can spread viruses at an alarming rate without certain precautions. Additionally, you need to adopt and adhere to policies where anyone aboard a ship must consistently and thoroughly keep their hands clean. As the owner of the marina, it will be your job to provide appropriate PPE. Additional steps to take include:

  • Regulations for masks
  • Insurance to protect in the event of an outbreak
  • Heavy documentation about where ships are coming from

Keep Your Team Safe

There are many important steps you need to take to keep your business safe in 2020. Follow the right precautions and it will do wonders for keeping you on the right path.