Restaurant Insurance

Proper Training to Help Avoid Liability Claims

A restaurant owner knows that a well-trained staff, especially one that follows safe food handling practices, will help to ensure food quality and safety is at the highest standard. The importance of training goes for servers, cashiers and other staff members as well, since they often deal directly with customers. Workers who follow procedures can help reduce claims and when these claims do occur Restaurant Insurance is designed to respond.


People dine out specifically to enjoy a quality restaurant experience. This requires more than just serving good food; it requires making their entire dining experience an enjoyable one. It’s therefore important to have an alert and ready staff on hand at all times. You need to ensure they not only practice proper procedures, but understand why these practices are in place.


It starts with management


Restaurant managers are your first line of defense. They need a staff that understands just how important food quality management is. This includes monitoring food temperatures, managing the grill efficiently, and personally checking on customers and ensuring they are being tended to. Your manager is the one person employee’s look to for instruction on how to handle any given situation.


In addition, a food safety program help to take some of the guesswork out of food quality management. Restaurants must implement very specific practices designed to ensure food is being handled, prepared, and served properly in order to become certified.


Proper receiving and storing of meats and other items


Food quality control begins the minute food products enter the restaurant. Any and all shipments should be checked to ensure there is no spoilage or contamination, with only the best ingredients entering the kitchen. Once deemed acceptable, the food needs to be stored properly in order to maintain high quality and maximize shelf life. Restaurant Insurance that protects against contamination and foodborne illness is essential.


Consistency requires diligence


People notice inconsistencies. If portion sizes, or staff service are in constant flux, customers may decide to stop coming to your restaurant. It’s important that staff properly measure food portions for each order taken. As far as server consistency, happy employees who enjoy coming to work will stay on longer. Creating an atmosphere where everyone feels wanted and respected can be a daunting task. The emphasis should be to give customers the same enjoyable dining experience each and every time and everyone should be happier with those results.