liquor liability insurance programs

How to Protect Your Bar From Lawsuits

One of the more challenging things for someone who owns a bar can be accurately gauging when patrons should not be given any more alcohol. The law says you must stop serving them if they are clearly intoxicated. However, when you consider that people have different tolerance levels, it isn’t always easy to judge. Some people may become a danger to themselves and others after just a couple drinks, whereas others might appear to handle numerous drinks fairly well. In order to protect your bar from potentially being put out of business by a lawsuit, you may want to consider the various liquor liability insurance programs available to establishments that serve alcohol.

Each state may be different in terms of its dram shop laws, with some being less inclined to hold the bar owner responsible. However, that may not stop grieving families from looking for someone to blame when their loved one is injured or killed because a patron left your establishment intoxicated. Liquor liability insurance coverage is usually designed to keep the lawsuit from potentially financially destroying your business. Many states require this coverage in order to ensure there is money available if a judgment is awarded. Keep in mind that you might not be covered if you serve someone illegally, so you might want to have a policy in place to avoid this possibility.

Facing a lawsuit is tough, and you may worry about the financial toll it can take, but liquor liability insurance programs could help ease your concerns.