Uniform Rental Insurance

Protect Your Bread and Butter With a Uniform Rental Insurance Policy

As the owner and operator of a uniform rental service, people count on you when they need their staff looking sharp and well-groomed. Whether you’re dressing a group for a special event or helping outfit a business with everyday work wear, you take every precaution possible to ensure that your uniforms are immaculate and your customers, satisfied. But even the most meticulous business owner can’t foresee every unfortunate occurrence, so the only way to truly protect your lifeblood in the event of an issue is with uniform rental insurance.

What Will It Cover?

This type of policy is intended for businesses large and small, and covers a wide array of both common and uncommon industry occurrences. Say you guarantee a customer a shipment will arrive on a predetermined date, and then the package mysteriously disappears during transit. Who’s going to foot the bill? Or maybe your storage area floods during a sever hurricane, and you lose your entire inventory. Are you prepared to cover your losses? These are precisely the types of situations that call for the use of a uniform rental policy. Some policies cover losses of income related to utilities as well. For example, if a hurricane hits and you’re forced to close down for a week, you can be compensated for your profit loss until you’re able to reopen or have reached the policy limit.

Rather than ask yourself if you can afford to buy uniform rental insurance, ask yourself the tough question — can you afford not to?


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