Protect Your Community From Dirty Clothes


Imagine a world without clean clothes. A world where people are forced to walk around in filthy, overworn garments every day. A world without your commercial launderer business. That’s not a world anyone wants to live in, but if disaster strikes and your business is uninsured, you run the risk of leaving your clients high and dry. Commercial launderers insurance protects you and your community from a world of filth.

When Disaster Strikes

Commercial laundry services require a variety of specialized equipment, so what do you do when that equipment breaks down? What if you have an accidental spill of your cleaning chemicals, or you accidentally destroy a client’s favorite sweater? A commercial launderers insurance policy will keep you protected in all those situations and more with these optional provisions:

  • General liability
  • Bailee coverage
  • Pollution liability
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Business Interruption
  • Commercial property coverage

Every policy is different, so it’s important to discuss these options with your chosen provider before choosing a policy. Don’t let minimal coverage leave you in the lurch after a disaster.

Keeping you, your clients, and your community protected is simple. Commercial launderers insurance keeps your business going and keeps you protected no matter what happens. Because no one should have to live in a world without clean clothing.