Professional liability insurance for nurses

Protecting Your Nursing Career with Liability Insurance

As a nurse, when a malpractice lawsuit is filed against your team, your employer’s insurance policy may reserve the right not to defend you. It may not be a common practice, but it does happen and shielding yourself from a malpractice suit can be terrifying. Professional liability insurance for nurses can be a blanket of comfort when you need protection.

Why Do You Need Liability Insurance?

Purchasing a malpractice insurance policy insures you have an attorney which represents you and your interests. The insurance company may even allow you to find an attorney of your choice to represent you if your policy allows. Knowing your interests are first and foremost, and not shared by your employer’s attorney, can ease the stress of a possibly long and intense lawsuit.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

An added benefit of purchasing professional liability insurance for nurses is the fact most policies have a license protection clause. This coverage would provide legal help if you come under investigation or face charges by the licensing board. The security clause can cover:

  • Attorney fees
  • Investigation expenses
  • Unexpected charges due to examination

For most nurses, facing a discipline hearing is much more likely than being sued for malpractice. Since your license allows you to work in an expert capacity, the cost of professional liability insurance for nurses is very reasonable since it can be an investment in your ability to protect your living.