Protection For Your Liquor Services

Restaurant insurance covers a range of liability that restaurant owners incur. Besides offering protection for all of the standard exposure that any business has, insurance for restaurants include the special protection needed particularly for the food serving industry. These protections can include workers compensation, general restaurant protection, EPLI, and commercial automobile.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of comprehensive restaurant insurance is Liquor Liability. As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of your liquor license. It was expensive, difficult to obtain at any price, and is likely the core of your restaurant offerings. The ability to serve liquor is also probably the most important contributor to your revenue as well. Part of the responsibilities of a restaurant that serves liquor is knowing when a customer has “had too much” and politely but firmly cutting him off. This is a favor to the customer and to society in general, but it is also indirectly a legal requirement. The most common protection for liquor insurance is against the situation where a customer has had enough drinks to bring his blood alcohol level beyond the legal limit, and is involved in a car crash. The restaurant can be liable to both the customer and any victims. Of course, the first line of defense is to carefully monitor your drinking patrons, but in the event of a slip up, liquor insurance can protect a restaurant against a costly lawsuit.

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