Raising Non-Profit Funding Through Online Donations

A non-profit organization is a wonderful thing that can help many people. Even though it’s not a regular business, it still needs money to operate. Because non-profits don’t charge for their services, funding must come through donations. There was a time when that meant going door to door, sending out mailers, or making hundreds of phone calls. With the arrival of the internet, funding can now be done online.

Soliciting Via the Internet

Raising funds online, generating e-donations, can be a very effective way to get the capital needed to run a non-profit. Running an effective campaign does require a solid strategy. The first step is to organize your email list. Be aware of which potential donors have given in the past and which would be first-timers. You don’t want to send a new donor email to a dedicated supporter or vice versa.

It is also important to differentiate between businesses and individuals. The former can usually donate larger sums as many companies budget for non-profit donations. Many individuals want to help but may not have nearly as much to give. Word your request accordingly.

Running a non-profit is a noble endeavor. Raising the funds to keep it going can be tricky. A well-run internet campaign can reach the people who are willing to help and keep your organization in the black.