Renter Insurance

Reasons to Consider Renters Insurance for Your Connecticut Apartment

If you’re a renter and you don’t have renters insurance, you may need to ask yourself why. Here are some important reasons to consider protecting yourself with a renters insurance policy.

Insurance Isn’t Just for Property Owners

Some renters have the misconception that they don’t need insurance because they’re not property owners. However, a building or homeowner’s insurance policy does not protect renters in any way. Your belongings aren’t protected in the event of an accident or damage in the building that you live in.

The Cost of Renters Insurance Is Relatively Inexpensive

Many people are surprised when they learn that the cost of insuring all of their belongings may be less than the cost of insuring their car. Work with a renters insurance specialist in CT to discuss your individual concerns and coverage needs.

Your Lease May Require You to Obtain Renters Insurance

Not everybody reads their entire rental agreement from start to finish. A common clause in residential leases requires that lessees maintain renters insurance policies throughout the duration of their tenancy.

Renters Insurance Can Protect You from Significant Liability

If an accident originating in your rental unit, such as a flood or fire, causes damage to the premises or other renters’ belongings, you may face costly legal liability. A renters insurance policy can help safeguard you against serious liability exposure.