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Reasons Your Staffing Agency Needs Workers Comp

When you own a staffing agency, you have a lot of people who are technically employees but work off-site under other managers. You still need to have solid workers’ compensation coverage for those employees. There are several reasons to make sure you have staffing agency workers comp insurance that addresses the unique risks inherent to your industry.

  1. Comprehensive Coverage
    The people you place in positions around the area may work a variety of jobs. As referenced by World Wide Specialty Programs, your workers’ comp coverage needs to take into account the risks involved in every position you staff. If you place people in higher-risk positions, expect that your premiums will be higher.
  2. Agency Reputation
    The staffing industry depends on mutual trust between the agency and the companies where it places workers. If employees have to struggle to be compensated when they’re injured on the job, your reputation can suffer, which may make you seem less trustworthy.
  3. Legal Concerns
    In most states, worker’s compensation coverage for employees is required by law. Even if your employees don’t technically work at your location, you are still responsible for covering them in case something happens at a job site where you place them.

Workers comp may look a little different for staffing agencies. It’s still important to make sure your employees are covered.