Reducing Auto Dealer Workers Compensation Claims

Reducing Auto Dealer Workers Compensation Claims

Most owners of auto dealerships are committed to a having proactive health and safety program, the goal of which is to protect their staff from injury. After all, an employer is responsible for providing workers with adequate instruction in health and safety, as well as addressing unsafe situations in a timely and effective manner. Running a safe dealership can be the main contributing factor in reducing the number of auto dealer workers compensation claims.

Employers should provide proper training and safety

Injuries will largely decline if an employer provides a safe and healthy workplace. This can be accomplished by always ensuring that workers, especially new hires, are adequately trained. A manager or supervisor should carry out any worker training, keeping written records of training, including the type of training that took place and when.

Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive occupational health and safety program, including a written health & safety policy and an incident investigation procedure, benefits both employees and employers. Management should constantly support supervisors, safety coordinators, and workers in their health and safety activities. One way to do this is to reward them for going a number of days without incident, providing a free lunch or even a paid day off.

There are certain known perils related to auto dealerships. Regularly inspect the workplace for hazards because it is especially important to take action immediately when a worker or supervisor reports a potentially hazardous situation. Initiate an immediate investigation into incidents, documenting any findings and recording what steps were taken to remedy the situation.

Provide adequate first aid facilities and services

Provide first aid, on site, for less serious injuries, such as minor cuts. Always provide personal protective equipment where required. Employers should also work with supervisors to help foster positive worker attitudes towards safety.

Supervisor’s responsibilities must include instructing workers in using the safest work procedures and ensuring that they are following company policies. Ensure that only authorized, adequately trained workers operate tools and equipment, or in the use of any hazardous chemicals.

Make sure to correct unsafe acts and conditions by identifying workers with problems or issues that could affect safety at the worksite. Follow up with interviews and referrals whenever necessary. Following these suggestions can help reduce injuries and prevent auto dealer workers compensation claims from occurring.