Risks and Associated Exposures of Alcohol Rehab Centers

Risks and Associated Exposures of Alcohol Rehab Centers

Substance addiction is treated in specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers offering programs that cater to those in need. Many may also seek help from affiliated mental health centers. While no single dependence treatment is appropriate for all individuals, it can be helpful for people with addiction concerns to check out different programs in the hope of finding one that suits their particular needs.


As individual programs continue to evolve, there continues to be concerns about the risks and exposures that one may face as an owner or operator of one of these clinics. Today there are hundreds of these facilities in existence capable of helping patients battle the pain of these addictions, which affect all age groups and walks of society.


But as such, they may come under scrutiny for violations pertaining to sexual abuse, crime, cyber breaches and other acts that could lead to the possibility of lawsuits being filed. This is a prime example of why insurance coverage to protect against such claims is both, important and vital.


Centers face the same risks as many non-profit organizations


Because individuals with a drug addiction or drinking problem come into close contact with staff and workers of these centers, it is prudent for owners to have the best trained, as well as properly screened people working in these programs. In view of the many risks presented and professional services rendered, it is extremely important that these facilities be adequately insured for any and all exposures.


Various treatment facility options may represent viable targets for investments into commercial insurance programs in the non-profit area. This would include insuring property assets to value as well as protecting the entity, along with employees and volunteers against potential liability and/or medical malpractice claims. Target facility types that may fall under the category of drug and alcohol treatment services include:


  • Sober Living Home


  • Abuse Counseling Centers



  • Teen and Adolescent Treatment Centers


  • Teen Challenge Treatment Programs


  • Women and Men Gender Specific Treatment Centers


  • Addiction Recovery Centers, and


  • Substance Abuse Facilities


Anyone currently operating drug and alcohol treatment centers should speak to an agent about their specific insurance needs.


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