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RMS Insurance for Assault and Battery Claims

You have always enjoyed the atmosphere of being in a club, so the logical progression was to open your own nightclub. What seemed like a lot of fun at first quickly became a reality of the responsibility you’ve taken on, along with the risks and liabilities associated with running a business that features alcohol and often a rowdy, boisterous crowd to go with it. Unfortunately a venture of this type is fraught with risks, and a once calm evening can quickly escalate into fistfights and charges of assault and battery, either by other patrons, or bouncers and other members of your staff.

RMS Insurance would hate to see you lose your bar and everything you’ve worked so long, and so hard for, due to an unfortunate brawl resulting in injuries. So, they’ll help you to decide exactly what is the proper insurance coverage for your needs, even suggesting specific policies that you’ll need to deal with any number of industry related issues.

The problem when a bouncer injures a customer

If a nightclub employee overextends his or her duties they may be found liable for any personal injuries sustained by patrons while on the premises. For example, if a member of your security team becomes involved in an altercation, any customer suffering an injury may have a valid claim to press charges for assault. If this were to occur, the injured party may decide not only to sue the bouncer, but the nightclub as well.

You need to be aware of what type of coverage that you currently have, and exactly what protections that it provides. You may need to take steps to ensure that you’re properly protecting your business in any case, along with your staff and patrons as well.

It’s important, for the safety of all concerned, to have a proper number of security officers on the premises at all times, with respect to the estimated number of patrons expected, all based on occupancy limits. In the event that an incident does occur, and a claim is filed, you should get all the facts (including statements from any witnesses) and immediately contact your insurance carrier.

Don’t ever attempt to handle a claim on your own, since this could possibly jeopardize the insurance coverage you have in place, as any action on your part could violate your contractual obligation to the carrier. Leave it to the experts at RMS Insurance who can provide you with hospitality insurance for nightclubs and handle all of your claims.