Safety and NJ Workers Compensation Insurance

Safety and NJ Workers Compensation Insurance

It’s a well-known fact that employers can significantly reduce NJ workers compensation insurance costs by developing a culture of safety in the workplace. Companies that can reduce workplace injuries will benefit from lower insurance premiums and higher job productivity. Consider implementing, or improving, on a few simple measures to help bolster work conditions and reduce workers’ comp claims.

Make safety the number one priority


It’s certainly no coincidence that employers who emphasize safety in the workplace and make it a top priority usually have better results in reducing on-the-job injuries. Employers can add incentives that reward employees for being injury free. For example, the owners could sponsor a monthly paid lunch for employees when no injuries have occurred during that time period.

Offer modified duty to those previously injured performing their regular duties


After an accident, and any subsequent time off, it helps save the cost of temporary disability payments to the injured employee by offering a modified duty schedule. After all, retention of good employees can be difficult in this day and age, and it is vital that owners accommodate the restrictions that a treating doctor recommends. In certain industries this might include no heavy lifting or no long periods of standing, and will obviously vary depending on the treating doctor’s recommendation and the job duties.

Empower Supervisors by giving them more knowledge on the subject


The subject of the care and treatment of injured workers is an important issue, and supervisors should know that it could cost the company money if someone on the team is injured. But some supervisors may not know enough to prevent some injuries. Helping him or her understand why and how the employer is impacted, and how proper training and regular safety meetings can have a major impact will help them better understand, which will yield the desired results.

Choosing the right broker to fit the company’s needs


Find a broker that offers complementary claims management services and safety training. Employees are more likely to pay more attention to the material presented when an outside instructor conducts safety training. Claims management services can also contribute to getting a claim closed more quickly, and offer assistance on how to properly handle the process from the beginning. A good broker is one who has substantial knowledge of how NJ workers compensation insurance benefits employers and employees alike.


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