Sports Bar

Sports Bar Liquor Liability

When sports resume and fans emerge from “sheltering-in-place”, sports bars and pubs will be just as ecstatic to serve patrons as they are to attend. Celebrations will ensure at a high level and people celebrate the return of their favorite sports, which may reconvene somewhat simultaneously. If liquor store sales are any indication of what to expect, now would be a good time for sports bar owners to review their sports bar liquor liability coverage. As noted on, the hospitality industry includes sports bars, night clubs, live music venues, comedy clubs, and adult entertainment.

A robust sports bar liquor liability policy allows club owners to enjoy the ambiance they create and focus on ensuring their patrons have a good time without worrying about the liability risk. As always, owners and servers alike should be familiar with local laws and ordinances and know when, who, and how much to serve. Insurance coverage does not alleviate the responsibility of bar owners, bartenders, and servers to abdicate their responsibility to steward their patrons responsibly. But it does provide a layer of protection whereby sports bar owners can feel reasonably assured that following their internal policies along with local laws will result in a sports bar that is able to operate for many years to come without the fear of unnecessary litigation and frivolous lawsuits.