Staff Insurance and Workers Comp Issues

Staff Insurance and Workers Comp Issues

When hiring people to be part of the pool of workers that are sent out to perform for the host company’s clientele, staffing agencies are looking for the best trained, highly qualified, and well-mannered candidates exhibiting a professional attitude. This only helps to ensure that their clients will get the desired results and continue to depend on the agency to fill the gaps when a full-time worker gets sick or takes extended leave.

The company must also provide the worker with the necessary benefits, including protecting their rights, and providing a safe work environment, which includes staff insurance in the form of workers compensation coverage. If a worker is injured while on the job, these benefits will help to ensure that the injured party will get the proper treatment and hopefully be able to return to the workforce in due time, properly healed and ready to work once more.

Staffing agencies and employers share responsibility for workers

On the flipside, the degree to which the employer controls the job performance of the directly hired temp is important in determining his or her employment status. As a result, employers should try to avoid situations where an independent contractor is told what hours to work and/or for the most part is treated much the same as a regular employee, which could in turn make the client company obligated to pay benefits to that worker.

Whether workers are brought in by a staffing agency or directly employers need to be aware of the state’s employment laws and benefits. In most instances temporary workers hired through staffing agencies are considered as employed by both the agency and company, even though the agency pays the salary.

Some employers don’t realize that when they hire temporary employees through a temp agency that they’re potentially exposing themselves to most, if not all, the same risks that are involved in directly hiring employees. Regardless, the fact remains that in the event that a worker is injured during the course of performing duties related to the job, they will be eligible for workers compensation, which must be provided by the staff insurance company. For more information contact an agent familiar with workers compensation laws.