how to market insurance

Strategies on How to Market Insurance

Your existing clients are perhaps one of your greatest assets when it comes to how to market insurance. After all, by becoming long-standing customers over the years, they both, shown they’re loyal, and they’ll also likely refer others to you, helping build your book of business. This particular group of people is therefore giving you a huge advantage as you strategize on ways to attract new business. Who better to help you promote your business than satisfied, long-time clients?


Take advantage of customer video testimonials 

Testimonials are a great tool to have on your website. By posting videos featuring customer testimonials you’re actually selling the benefits of doing business with your agency. There’s no better way to convince a prospective client to sign up with you than using statements by an established customer. For one, this will clearly demonstrate that your agency has quite a few satisfied clients that have some very positive things to say about your company.


Post letters from clients on your website 

Along with the videos, a few written notes complimenting your agency on the work they’ve done is another really great marketing tool. Ask a couple of clients you have a good rapport with to write a letter for your website, or simply to post a positive comment online about your agency. You can then re-post it on your social media page.

People shopping for insurance will often look to others for their opinion on a particular agency or agent, and reading positive letters about the knowledge, care, and protection provided by your group will help to entice them to want to learn more.

There are other ways to heighten awareness of your company. Making a donation to a local charity shows you care about your community and you can even get your quotes from people actively engaged with the charity.

Your website should include a page that will allow people to refer their friends to your agency, something that has proven to work for many agents. Make a point to post this on social media, and send an email blast to your clients as well, and every once in a while post a link on your own website.

These are just a few ideas for how to market insurance that are easy to implement and should get the desired results.