NM insurance

Tailored Auto Insurance Policies

NM insurance is required to drive in the state, but minimum liability insurance may not address your specific needs. You may want to discuss your situation with your insurance agent to make sure that your auto policy will manage your financial risks. Here are some things to consider when purchasing auto insurance.

Minimum Liability Is Minimal

A minimum liability auto insurance policy in New Mexico may not be sufficient in a serious accident that results in major injuries or death. This policy may not cover medical costs or other expenses of your own passengers. Make sure you understand what and how much is covered by your general auto insurance policy.

You Should Know if Your Vehicle Is Protected

Comprehensive and collision insurance can be added onto your standard insurance policy to protect your car if it is damaged in an accident or from road debris. Check with your agent to see if theft and vandalism are covered. Depending on where you live, work or drive, you may want added peace of mind for your vehicle.

Under-insured/Uninsured Motorists Can Be a Problem

Many drivers do not carry enough insurance if they cause the accident. Other drivers are simply uninsured. If you are in an accident with one of these drivers, uninsured motorist insurance should respond and help you pay your medical costs.

You Should Ask Your Agent

Your insurance agent can provide information about your risk and need for added NM insurance. With this taken care of, you can hit the road and relax.