Cemetery Maintenance

The Cost of Cemetery Maintenance

If you have a cemetery, then ensuring that the grounds are taken care of is important. Even before you learn the cost, it is important to know what is involved with headstone and cemetery maintenance. You may find that a plot in a graveyard costs more than just the headstone costs. The integrity of your grounds may also cost you as you pay for services to decrease your liabilities.

 Landscaping and Safety

A cemetery should always be a safe and clean place to visit. It is important to pay for maintenance of the entire landscape. This means that you would hire someone who can remove any obstructions such as debris or walks. Likewise, it is important to clean up after a storm or other event hat may have led to brush or limbs being everywhere. This can help prevent any future liabilities.

Gravestone Maintenance and Repair

Cemetary gravestone & grounds management includes regular cleaning. Those who maintain and repair gravestones also ensure that the headstone does not deteriorate. For headstones that are in good shape, you would only pay for a simple clean job with water and a soft-bristled brush. For headstone cleaning that is more difficult, then there are detergents that you may have to use. In addition, for broken headstones, those who repair them would use an epoxy to put the stone together.