Entertainment insurance

The Necessity of Insurance in the Entertainment Industry

With all of the concerns and expenses of running a production company, its no surprise that insurance sometimes is sometimes forgotten. In fact, smaller production companies don’t always realize that there is such a thing as entertainment insurance. The truth is that you need an insurance broker who understands the entertainment industry and the specific needs that producers and entertainment employees have.

What Types of Risks Does Insurance Cover?

So, you’re considering entertainment insurance, but you aren’t sure if you need it, here are some of the risks that it might cover:

  • Insurance for rented and leased vehicles
  • Copyright infringement
  • Production errors
  • Insurance for cast
  • Insurance for props and equipment

Do not wait to think about insurance until something happens. If there is an accident on set, theft of production equipment or a case of copyright infringement, you could end up fitting the bill for legal fees, medical bills and more. This is why you always want to have coverage in advance.

Is Entertainment Insurance for Me?

If you are in the entertainment industry, then the answer is often yes. If you work in film, sports, theater or even minor productions, there are always risks in this line of work. When you own your own business, then you are responsible to find your own insurance coverage to preserve your company.