Three Key Truck Insurance Coverage

Owning a trucking company comes with tremendous risks. Not only are these risks present while you’re driving your truck, but they’re also there when you’re sitting in your office. While there are a number of coverage options to consider, here are three that you should be sure to add to your new policy.

Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is going to be the most expensive coverage in your policy, and for good reason. It protects you in case you cause an accident while you’re driving your truck. Your policy would cover any medical costs and payments towards the repair or replacement of property.

Trailer Interchange & Non-Owned Trailer Insurance

Trailer interchange and non-owned trailer insurance deal with instances where you’re in possession of a trailer that’s not yours. In the case of trailer interchange, if you have a trailer interchange agreement, then your policy will cover the borrowed trailer at all times. If you don’t have an agreement, then you’ll need non-owned trailer insurance which only covers the trailer when it’s attached to your truck.

Physical Damage Insurance

If you visit www.truckinsure.com, you’ll see that physical damage insurance provides first-party coverage for your truck and trailer. You can choose to carry a comprehensive package that covers all perils or you can choose to protect against specific ones for a lower premium.
Keeping your investment protected is of utmost importance. Work with your agent to build a policy that meets your needs.