nightclub liability insurance

Tips for Choosing the Right Nightclub Insurance Policy

If you’re a nightclub owner and have recently experienced more popularity, it may be time to reevaluate your insurance coverage. When you first opened your club, you may have chosen the cheapest coverage available without considering whether or not it offered optimal protection for your needs. Now that your club has become more well-known and is attracting more people and profit, it may be time to make some upgrades to your policy. Here are a few tips for selecting the right nightclub liability insurance.

Identify Your Risks

Before changing your insurance policy, it’s important to identify your risks. Maybe you’re located in a shady area of town that’s prone to break-ins, or maybe you’ve had a few fights in your club and want to make sure you’re not held liable for anyone’s injuries. The specific type of insurance coverage you choose should be based on your unique risks.

While every club should have general liability insurance, you may want to purchase additional coverage as well. Many club owners choose insurance policies that include assault and battery coverage. If you serve alcohol at your club, liquor liability insurance is essential and offers protection if someone suffers an alcohol-related injury or death due to drunk driving. For more help choosing the ideal nightclub liability insurance policy, talk to an experienced insurance agent.