Tips For Successful Insurance Telemarketing

Tips For Successful Insurance Telemarketing

For any insurance telemarketing sales program to be successful a number of things are needed, but the most successful programs are those that manage to combine a number of marketing tools together efficiently. Clearly, one of the main components of a successful telephone sales technique is being warm and precise when speaking to an interested party. By also being knowledgeable and informative, an agent can be most convincing and this can be the deciding factor in closing a sale.


Because speaking over the telephone means no eye contact, any technique must be precisely on the mark from the opening sentence, otherwise the caller may not feel that connection and all efforts may be for naught. It’s important to make certain to gain, and retain, the prospect’s attention.


Use the telephone adequately


This simply means to reinforce any direct mail, print advertising, or broadcast campaign vocally. Telephone marketing has the capacity to double, or even triple the total response of a promotional program currently in motion. A call made before the program to customers can also help to generate anticipation and get prospect’s immediately interested in new products and services being advertised.


Remember to follow-up after the program is in the place in order to answer questions and clarify any points that may be unclear. Making this call is likely to make the prospect feel they are important and there is a genuine interest in their welfare, which can only help to build a better relationship.


Agents are the voice, and the face of the company, and will be the key to securing the business of the prospect by providing confidence in the organization, which goes to helping in the overall success of the program.


Prepare before making the call


Decide precisely what the goal is before picking up the phone. Plan the opening line with great care, because it will likely set the tone, and a positive response means that things are more likely to go well. After all, this person could end up being one of the most highly qualified prospects contacted, and could become one of the company’s most valued customers.


An important thing to remember about insurance telemarketing is to be clear about the purpose of the call and find out exactly what this customer or prospect’s interests are, since this can help determine exactly what steps are needed to satisfy their needs.


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