DOT Physical Blood Pressure

Top Tips for Staying Healthier While Driving a Truck

Not only is exercise and healthy eating better for your livelihood, but it can also help you stay within the DOT physical blood pressure requirements. For many, these are New Year’s resolutions, but even if not, these tips can help you stay healthier on the road.

Plan Ahead

The experts at recommend planning ahead to stay healthier. If you take prepackaged healthy snacks, you are more likely to reach for those than grabbing fast food or junk at the local truck stop. Look at incorporating cut veggies by chopping them up and carrying them in a cooler. Consider adding lean meats into the cooler to incorporate a good source of protein.

Moderate Exercise

Take advantage of that required 30-minute break by incorporating some moderate exercise. Simple exercises such as jumping jacks, walking and running can be done right outside your truck. These exercises get your heart rate up and help you lose weight which can help lower blood pressure.

Sleep Enough

Sleep not only helps lower your blood pressure but also helps you maintain your overall health. Make sure you schedule enough sleep on a good mattress to help you reach your health goals. Sleep also promotes a positive mood.

Maintaining your health helps you meet the DOT physical blood pressure guidelines. These tips can help you get started on a journey to a healthier you.