Transportation Insurance Types In New Jersey


transportation insurance in New Jersey

By transferring people and cargo from place to place, the transportation industry forms a major part of the national economy. Unfortunately, though, accidents can happen, which means that insurance is a critical component of the sector. There is a wide variety of transportation insurance in New Jersey that helps businesses to keep operations running and to recover any losses.


Simple Plans


General liability is the most basic and important kind of insurance because it covers many different possible disasters. In case of collisions or crashes, coverage for physical damage done to a vehicle is important. In addition, cargo insurance can cover freight that becomes ruined or lost. Workers compensation protects the people in addition to the property; if an employee is injured the coverage can help protect the company from lawsuits and get the worker back on their feet.


Extended Coverage


The most extensive coverage can include primary auto liability, which will protect a company if the accident is the fault of the business or one of its drivers. Another option is hired and non-owned auto insurance, which provides coverage if an accident occurs while a hired or rented vehicle is being used.


Special Options


Specialized insurance might be needed for some areas. For example, garage insurance helps protect a vehicle even when it’s being parked—the point where most minor damage occurs. Insurance for non-vehicular transportation is another option, like as in inland marine shipping. Quality transportation insurance in New Jersey might cover any or all of these types of insurance and can keep a business running.