Two Reasons Why Police Body Cameras Have a Positive Impact

The introduction of body cameras for police has been a polarizing topic in many circles. Though the police have generally responded positively, controversy still surrounds the cameras. Here are two reasons why police body cams positively impact everyone.

1. Increased Accountability

By fully recording events, body cameras eliminate the “he said, she said” of encounters between police and the public. Police administration and lawmakers can review an event in the case of questions, seeing everything that happened without bias.

Studies have also shown that the use of force by officers drops when wearing cameras, meaning fewer instances of citizens coming to harm. Since the introduction of the body cameras, there have been fewer violent altercations during otherwise routine interactions. At the same time, cameras can also protect police by refuting false misconduct accusations.

2. Improved Training

Wearing body cameras during training is also a great way to improve police efficiency. After completing an exercise, officers can review their actions with experienced trainers who commend positive actions while correcting mistakes. By using cameras in training, police can become better at responding to dangerous situations, improving their safety and the safety of the public.

Police body cameras are excellent tools that benefit both law enforcement and the citizens they protect.