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Types of Cemetery Insurance Coverage

A cemetery is an important feature in any community, providing a resting place for the deceased and a place of comfort for the living. It is also a business, subject to distinctive challenges and liabilities. Cemetery insurance provides specialized coverage to protect cemeteries, employees and visitors.


Liability coverage protects a business from having to pay damages in the event of an injury, property damage or professional error. Types of liability coverage include:

  • General, which covers personal injury or property damage that occurs on cemetery grounds
  • Professional, which covers financial damages resulting from errors or negligence
  • Commercial automotive, which protects commercial vehicles in the event of an accident
  • Directors and officers, which protects cemetery administrators if the business is sued

Umbrella coverage may be necessary to extend liability policy limits.

Commercial Property

As outdoor spaces, cemeteries are susceptible to weather events and vandalism. These damages are upsetting to the families of the deceased and can require costly repairs. A cemetery insurance plan should include commercial property coverage to protect the business in the event of a flood, fire, vandalism or theft.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation coverage protects employees and businesses. Required by law in most states, it covers medical care and lost wages for cemetery employees who are injured at work.

In the cemetery business, many challenges and circumstances can arise. Having cemetery insurance coverage can keep the business running smoothly.