Staffing Companies

Types of Insurance for Staffing Companies

By recruiting, interviewing, and screening individuals, staffing firms eliminate the need for their partner companies to go through the lengthy hiring process themselves. This type of business can be lucrative, but it has specific risks that must be managed. Here are some staffing insurance solutions to consider.

General Liability

General liability is the bare minimum that any business should carry. It protects from injuries that occur on the premises by covering medical bills and legal fees in the event that someone sues you.

Workers’ Compensation

Even though the people you hire are working at another business, you could be held liable if they are exposed to hazardous working conditions or become injured. Laws regarding workers’ compensation vary by state, so it is best to check on regulations where you live.

Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Liability

This type of insurance offers protection in the case of accidents that occur in vehicles rented by the company or in employees’ person vehicles used for company business. This coverage is important in case the worker involved in the accident has a lapse in personal insurance or has a poor driving record.

Staffing services provide an indispensable service to other businesses and to job-seekers. By managing the risks inherent to this type of work they can continue operating well into the future.