ship repairers liability insurance

Understanding Liability Insurance for Ship Repairers

Your company can easily provide maintenance for a wide variety of ships and in any given week might work on everything from trade vessels to private yachts. Having these boats in your care can bring a fair amount of risk, making it important for you to have ship repairers liability insurance.

Types of Coverage

When you invest in ship repairers liability insurance, you are covered for a variety of circumstances. These can include situations such as the following:

  • Damage to boats when they travel internationally
  • Accidental pollution
  • Repairs conducted at different facilities
  • Damage incurred while a boat is being moved
  • Damage during a sea trial

Additionally, this type of liability insurance covers properties such as docks, piers, boat shows and yacht dealerships. This kind of insurance also provides workers’ compensation in case any of your ship repairers are injured while they work on a boat.

Importance of Coverage

Quality insurance for your ship repairers is especially important when you consider the fact that these workers usually need to repair boats quickly while reducing fault ratios. If your repairers need to work faster to meet deadlines, it is likely that at some point an accident will occur. Investing in ship repairers liability insurance can help you ensure that your company is protected when these unforeseen incidents take place.