Understanding The Legal Requirements For Auto Insurance In Massachusetts

Why Is Auto Insurance Required?

In most states throughout the U.S., drivers are required by law to carry at least basic auto insurance. However, there are certain states that have a different policy in place. In states like New Hampshire and California, different policies are set up to make sure that uninsured drivers are financially able to cover accident related damages on their own. No matter what state you are in, drivers are expected to take responsible action for the damages they cause on the road.

In Massachusetts, auto insurance is, in fact, legally required. As a driver in Massachusetts, this auto insurance can be an enormous benefit. Instead of taking personal financial responsibility for all accident-related damages, you can rest in the confidence of your insurance provider.

What Are The Coverage Requirements?

In Massachusetts, there are specific legal requirements for the minimum amount of coverage you must carry, however, you can choose to have additional coverage if you desire. At a minimum, drivers in Massachusetts are required to have the following insurance protection:

*Liability insurance to cover damages you cause

*”No fault” insurance to cover injuries received from an accident

*Medical coverage for accident-related medical expenses

*Underinsured coverage to pay for damages caused by underinsured or uninsured drivers

What Are The Additional Coverage Options?

Many drivers choose to get additional insurance protection beyond the minimum amounts. This added coverage can help supplement expenses that go beyond your minimum insurance policy. Additional coverage is offered to supplement coverage for things like collision repair costs, towing fees, and more.

When you set up your Auto Insurance in Lynn MA policy, make sure that you speak with your insurance representative about additional coverage options to secure the best coverage possible.