Linen Supply Companies insurance

Unique Risks Covered by Linen Supply Companies Insurance

When you open a linen supply company, you’ll probably speak with an insurance agent right off the bat. There are some products you’ll need to secure such as general liability, property and automobile insurance. You company faces some unique risks, however, and you should make sure to find proper protection with linen supply companies insurance. The following are some of those risks.

Health Concerns

Not every employee will have the same experience working for your company. There are some who could get exposed to chemicals or work near sharp objects. Others could be exposed to embedded or airborne pathogens. These risks are a danger to certain employees and their health. Proper insurance will help you offer financial assistance to these individuals if they need it.


No matter how many precautions you have in place and no matter how many safety meetings you hold, accidents happen and injuries occur. You, your employees and your clients are at risk of slips and falls, machinery injuries, heat stress and burns.

Most businesses have unique risks, and your linen supply company is no different. With the uncertainties facing your workplace, it’s important to speak with an agent about linen supply companies insurance so you can be covered in the face of an unforeseen incident. Contact your insurance company today to find out what more you need to do to get covered.