Using the Flip Camera in the Classroom

When Pure Digital Technology came out with the Flip Camera, a point-and-shoot video recorder, the buzz was tremendous. Not only did everyday consumers find it an easy and inexpensive way to record events and trips, but also educators took to the infinite possibilities the Flip Camera offered them in the classroom.

Following are some ideas that can be used with the Flip Camera in schools:

• Digital storytelling – for example, record young children telling the story of Snow White
• School tours for new students
• Recording daily activities in the classroom and then share the video with parents either on-line or at open house
• Tape a model lesson to show to new teachers
• Record field trips so you can extend learning after the field trip is over
• Record science experiments to extend learning
• Record students narrating a story, a personal narrative or fictional story like a fairy tale.
• Record field trips
• Record your students singing a song
• Make a playground safety video for student viewing
• Highlight a nutritional tip
• Record awards and recognitions
• Highlighting school events, sports, games, charities
• Record student debates
• Make a bus safety video

The possibilities are endless – only limited by your imagination – when using the Pure Digital Inc.’s Flip Camera.