nursing home insurance coverage

What Does Nursing Home Insurance Cover?

If you run a nursing home facility, then you know it is a combination of a lifestyle residency and a healthcare practice. This creates some unique situations requiring exceptional nursing home insurance coverage. Here is a look at some scenarios where you will be happy you got insurance.

No matter the size of your facility, you can’t do everything. That’s why you hire employees. While you always hope you’ve hired the best people, mistakes and fraud can happen. Rather than letting this land you in trouble, there is crime insurance you can get as part of your nursing home coverage.

Another aspect to hiring employees is protecting them in the event of an injury. If a worker slips and falls in the course of their regular duties, then it is only right that the nursing home insurance take care of any resulting damage.

Any business that owns property needs coverage for damage to the building. This could happen due to bad weather or an accident but the right insurance will cover your repairs and get you going again.

Nursing home insurance coverage can handle a variety of situations and is an important part of being a good facilities manager. Each facility is different so take time to look at your options and choose the best coverage for your needs.