What Is Covered Under an Auto Policy?

Any time you are responsible for a motor vehicle, whether you use it for business or personal reasons, you need good insurance. Here are some of the auto insurance coverages you should make sure your policy includes.

Basic Coverage

Seek out a policy that covers all the basics:

  • Liability¬†
  • Collision¬†
  • Comprehensive Damages

Your policy should protect not just you but also all the others in your vehicle. When a passenger needs medical attention after an accident, a good insurance policy will pay for those expenses. If another driver takes you to court, your coverage should pay for the associated legal fees. Many policies even cover acts of vandalism or incidental damage that occurs even when the vehicle is not in operation.

Additional Coverage

It’s important to recoup the basic expenses of an accident, but what about the hidden costs? Your car may need to be towed, and that service can be costly. If your car sustains a lot of damage in an accident, you may need a rental car until it is repaired. When you owe more on your car than it is worth, you may need insurance that covers that gap. The experts at Moody recommend that you seek out policies that go beyond basic coverage.

Your insurance provider can outline what your policy covers. This is vital information to help you decide if you want to upgrade your coverage.