What Is National Giving Day?

In the United States, most Americans have heard about Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but do you know about Tuesday after? This day is what social media fans have named “#GivingTuesday,” and it has a more formal name of National Giving Day.

National Giving Day Purpose

In a nutshell, the purpose of having a national holiday dedicated to giving is for individuals, families and businesses to come together for giving back to the community. Depending on the businesses or organizations taking part, the activities and events vary, but the purpose remains the same, to give back. After the previous days of eating and shopping, dedicating some time to paying it forward not only helps people feel better but also invites good karma into their lives. 

Ways To Give on National Giving Day

Because there are so many different approaches to National Giving Day, the opportunities you might see will differ. With that said, you can also get creative and come up with your own ideas for hosting giving events or volunteering with friends and family. Contact your local community members to learn what nearby businesses, churches, universities and other organizations might be doing as well. 

After getting your fill of turkey, stuffing and shopping, keep #GivingTuesday in your heart and mind as you move further into the holiday season.