yacht builders insurance programs

What Kind of Coverage Do You Need As a Yacht Builder?

If you make your living crafting cruising vessels, you may be looking for yacht builders insurance programs to keep your business protected. But what kind of coverage will you need? Here are a few recommended types to safeguard the numerous aspects of your livelihood.


Liability insurance can protect you from expensive lawsuits that may drain your savings. Depending on the scope of your business, you may be interested in ship repairers legal liability or marina operators legal liability policies. General liability may be recommended for any business to provide a basic umbrella of coverage.


Policies covering property can be varied. Your business may benefit from business property insurance, which covers buildings owned by your company. There’s also coverage for inventory, crime and boats under construction. With so many choices, you can find the perfect policies for your needs.


If you have employees, you know there’s the chance of injury while on the job. An employee insurance policy can help cover compensation while your employee recovers. Besides workers’ compensation, employee coverage can also include legally mandated compensation, such as that outlined in the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act.

Looking for yacht builders insurance programs can be a complicated task, but the peace of mind can well worth the effort. Protect your business with coverage suited to your company’s needs, and know your prudence is an investment in the future.