What Makes High Value Home Insurance Different?

Regular homeowner’s insurance is designed to suit almost every homeowner with a single residential property, but that is almost where important distinctions lie. High value home insurance is designed for those houses whose value with the homeowner’s possessions and surrounding land would exceed a regular policy’s maximum payout.

Those limits are designed to keep insurance accessibly priced, but if you need a high value home policy, you just need it. Luckily, there are programs built just for your home and your valuables. Not only are the policy limits higher, there are additional perks and coverage provisions that are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals who own valuable homes, including vacation homes and seasonal housing.

  • Policies built for your valuables like jewelry, art, or other collectibles
  • Full reconstruction costs covered under most plans
  • Expense coverage for temporary lodgings during repairs
  • Additional individual asset protection policies, landscaping or green space protection, and extended policies are usually available as needed

With options like these, it is a lot easier to have peace of mind about the way you are protecting your investment in your home.

Find a High Value Home Policy

Insuring a high value home is as easy as finding the programs built for homeowners like yourself. Look into the policy limits and additional coverage provisions offered by each player in the industry, then decide for yourself who to work with, based on your own insurance needs.