Contingent cargo coverage

What Type of Cargo Insurance Fits Your Shipping Business

There’s a lot to consider when you’re shopping for shipping insurance. Contingent cargo coverage can include policies to mitigate nearly any risk imaginable. However, you might want to work with a professional in the industry to determine what exactly will get you the safety you need to operate your business with peace of mind.

One of the major challenges facing you when you select an insurance policy in this industry is the lack of cohesive state guidelines. This means that there isn’t really a standard set of cargo insurance protections from one contingent cargo coverage policy to another. Therefore, getting what you need from cargo insurance might require more legwork than it would to find good worker’s compensation or premises liability coverage.

Working with an experienced agency or provider in the cargo industry is more than just a luxury in the shipping business. Knowledge and insider expertise brings several essential advantages:

  • Ability to guide you through the decision-making process
  • A network of trusted third-party partners and service providers
  • Proper protection of financial and business assets
  • Customized cargo policies based on your activities 

You don’t need the same cargo insurance as your competitors: You need the policy that’s right for you. Often, determining just what you need takes someone who knows the subtleties of contingent cargo coverage.